Trade Practices

We can advise clients of their rights and their obligations in the field of trade practices.  Our services include:-

  • Assisting clients where they have been disadvantaged by anti-competitive behaviour, including:-                                                                              
    • Drafting submissions to the ACCC in connection with an investigation process;
    • Advice and representation with a view to obtaining injunctive relief to prevent ongoing anti-competitive conduct and compensation for losses caused by past conduct;
  • Advice about misleading and deceptive conduct including:-
    • False or misleading advertising;
    • Misleading product comparisons;
    • False claims about the quality of goods or services;
    • False claims about financial statements or the value of an asset or business;
    • Predictions as to future returns or value where there is no reasonable basis for making them;
    • Deceptively similar names, design or packaging.
  • Seeking relief for suppliers or purchasers of goods, services and loans, when the other party to a transaction has behaved in a way that is unfair or unconscionable;
  • Advising traders who are being investigated for unfair (unconscionable) conduct.