Vacant Land and Unit Development

We can provide advice to potential landlords, developers, retailers and private investors on every stage of the development process including:-

  • Pre-development and concept phase;
  • Land acquisition;
  • Land divisions;
  • Planning and development;
  • Local government authority approval phases, including:                                    
    • Town planning advice about proposed development applications and development  approval conditions; and                                                           
    • Negotiations with local authorities and State Government Departments on development approval conditions and, where necessary, institution and conduct of Planning and Environment Court Appeals.
  • Financing and tax-effective structures;
  • “Off the plan” sales;
  • Environmental issues;
  • Staged developments;
  • Redevelopment;
  • Mixed use developments;
  • Unit and lot consolidations;
  • Strata plans and sub-divisions;
  • Preparation of commercial, industrial and retail leases and agreements for lease for all types of developments;
  • Stamp duty, Goods and Services Tax (GST) and other property based taxes.