Neighbourhood Disputes

Neighbourhood disputes commonly arise in relation to two areas which are very important to most home owners: 

  • Trees which affect adjoining properties; and
  • Dividing fences.

A tree will affect adjoining properties if the tree:

  • Has branches which hang over adjoining properties; or
  • Has branches or fruit which drop onto adjoining properties; or
  • Has a root system which causes damage to adjoining properties; or
  • Has branches which block television reception or sunlight from reaching solar panels. 

Disputes over dividing fences commonly occur when the parties cannot agree in regard to:

  • The alignment of the fence; or
  • The type of fence to be built; or
  • The amount of money each party should contribute towards the construction/repair of the fence; or
  • Who should be responsible for the cost of repairing damage to the fence.

Neighbourhood disputes can sometimes be difficult for the parties to resolve between themselves.