Advanced Health Directives

An Advanced Health Directive is a document which enables you to give instructions for your future health care.  Such instructions may include:

  • General instructions such as to receive all treatment available; or
  • Specific instructions in regard to matters such as:

-  If you wish to be resuscitated

-  If you wish to receive ventilation

-  If you wish to receive nutrition and hydration.

The instructions contained in an Advanced Health Directive will only be acted upon when you are unable to make or communicate your decisions to your medical practitioners.

You can change or revoke the instructions given in your Advanced Health Directive at any time provided you have the decision making capacity to do so. 

If your decision making capacity diminishes, then you will not be able to make an Advanced Health Directive.  For this reason, we recommend you make an Advanced Health Directive as soon as possible in order to ensure that your instructions for your future health care are carried out.