Estate Administration

We can assist with all aspect of Estate Administration.  Among other aspects we can:

  • Help identify the assets and liabilities of the Estate;
  • Assist with closing bank accounts, collecting proceeds from investments and insurance policies;
  • Facilitate the sale of Estate assets;
  • Assist in paying Estate liabilities;
  • Liaise with beneficiaries and assisting in making distributions to them;
  • Make application to the High Court for a Grant of Probate (required when the assets include land and/or sizable monetary assets);
  • Make application to the High Court for “Letters of Administration” (required if a person dies without a Will);
  • Assist in the transfer of assets upon survivorship where assets are jointly owned;
  • Assist in claims by an Estate;
  • Assist in claims against an Estate (where a person challenges the Estate on the basis that they have been unfairly excluded or insufficiently provided for as a beneficiary).