A well drafted Will provides clear instruction for the distribution of your assets upon your death.  Having a Will helps your family and beneficiaries to avoid the stress, uncertainty and expense which can arise when a deceased person does not have a Will. 

The terms of a Will rarely endure for a person’s lifetime and a Will should be reviewed every few years to ensure its terms still reflect your wishes.

You should also review and change your Will in the following circumstances:

  • You get married
  • You get divorced or cease to live with your partner
  • You enter into a de facto relationship
  • You have children
  • A person named in your Will as an executor or beneficiary dies

If you do not have a Will there is no certainty that your assets will be distributed to the persons who you wish to benefit from your estate.  For this reason we suggest you making a Will to ensure your estate is distributed in accord with your wishes.